Latest News
Site back up, 2 new cars

With the release date of GTA V being pushed back further, I decided to put my site back up, although it still awaits a major overhaul. 2 New cars have been added to the download section: The BMW M5 E39 and the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6. Enjoy!
Older News
Unique Engineering

A new script mod has been added: Unique Engineering. Check it out in the scripts section!
Lexus GS300h and Updated Cars

I've just uploaded my latest car mod, the Lexus GS300h. Furthermore, a lot of previously released cars have been updated.
Range Rovers and updated mods

I've just uploaded my new car mod, the 2009 Range Rover, in two versions to the site. Also all Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and the Westdyke Safehouse have been updated.