Dear visitor,

I am currently working on an entirely new website design in anticipation of the release of GTA V and, subsequently, the modding of it. I have therefore taken my website offline until further notice.

That does not mean that I will now become inactive; my mods will remain and continue to be available on GTA4mods and GTAinside, for which you can find links to the right. Furthermore, I am working on at least two more cars (the image above is, of course, a *slight* hint) for GTA IV, as well as updates for almost all of my currently released cars. These will also be released on both sites.

Finally I want to thank you, the beholder, downloader and user, of my mods for your continued support. I am thankful for the, in general, positive reception of my mods and that has certainly been part of my motivation to keep churning out mods. I hope to see you all on the GTA V modding scene, where I will certainly be present as well.